BRAINways Face to Face Workshops

In an emergency, if medical assistance is needed, BRAINways EDUCATION staff is to take whatever steps are necessary. (Please note: We regret that BRAINways EDUCATION is unable to dispense medication, except in an emergency).

Photographs and video recordings may be taken of the group, to be used in BRAINways EDUCATION media. BRAINways EDUCATION agrees that no names will be mentioned in any resulting publication.

If a student’s behaviour is disruptive, interfering with other students’ ability to enjoy the full benefit of program participation, his/her parents will be contacted, and he/she might be removed from the program.

During the learning opportunities provided by BRAINways Education students might be asked to complete questionnaires or surveys regarding their participation and experience at the programs. The information collected might be used to investigate and to improve the programs we offer, as well as to inform best practice in gifted education. Please note that all information collected will be stored securely, according to BRAINways Education policies.

BRAINways E-Learning

The aim of the BRAINways EDUCATION E-Learning program is to provide the opportunity for students to undergo learning in an online, secure environment, guided by a teacher and in a virtual class of like-minded peers, students being able to carry forward investigations and to pursue their interest in a topic. BRAINways E-Learning provides an online, secure classroom environment for students, teachers and administrators.

BRAINways E-Learning provides students and teachers with a secure and easy way to post classroom materials, share links and videos, access homework, grades, class notices and a calendar of events.

BRAINways E-Learning securely stores and shares all forms of digital content – blogs, links, pictures, video, documents, presentations, and more.

All posts will be reviewed and monitored by the BRAINways EDUCATION staff.

The following conditions will apply to the use of the BRAINways E-Learning program:

1. Only respectful language will be used on the BRAINways E-Learning program.

2. Only constructive comments will be made when using the BRAINways E-Learning program.

3. Music files may not be added, unless they are original files composed and recorded by students, or as a stimulus or in response to an assignment.

4. Any post will include only thoughtful comments, questions and ideas, in relation to tasks.

5. Any post will be edited to have personal best capitalisation, punctuation and spelling.

6. If photo files are posted, they have to be appropriate and to relate to an assignment.

7. If links are posted, the links have to be educational only.

8. Public videos from YouTube and other sites that are offensive and disturbing may not be posted.

Video files may be posted if created by students or connect with learning.

9. Parents are welcome to access and monitor their children’s activities as part of the BRAINways ELearning program

10. Username and password for access of BRAINways E-Learning program may not be passed on to others.

I understand and accept that all conditions listed above will apply to the participation in the BRAINways E-Learning program. I understand that failure to abide by the conditions listed above will result in the immediate loss of access to the program, in which case no refund will apply.