• Sunshine Coast- STEM School of Excellence

About STEM School of Excellence 

  • Research suggests that many gifted children are fascinated by, and excel in STEM topics
  • STEM skills is essential for the fast pace advances of the technological revolution
  • STEM School of Excellence aims to provide the chance to introduce four different topics in these areas followed by the development of projects that are grounded in the STEM fields
  • STEM School of Excellence helps students to follow their passions and to be guided and inspired by experts in the field.


All of the staff were helpful and welcoming, and I enjoyed the program. – Grace, yr 6

Coming to the uni to learn in a class of people who want to do this is a wonderful experience. It lets us thrive and learn from others. I find programs like this enjoyable – Finn, yr 7

Everything was done well. – Owen, yr 7

I had a good time learning about new topics and the ways in which things work in different ways. – Seth, yr 6

I found it challenging but enjoyable. I learnt a lot. – Declan, yr 8

My experience was amazing! I learnt a lot of new things and I’ve never visited the uni before. – Kate, yr 8

This program was fun and challenging. I loved learning about stuff. It was fun. – Alonzo, yr 4

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