• How to Register

For the online enrolment in the BRAINways programs, you will require the details provided by the Nomination Letter, including the program name, the venue, the dates and the cost.

You will be required to bring the Nomination Letter on the day, when attending the programs.

For registration, please follow the steps below:
1. Access the BRAINways registration website at register.brainways.com.au
2. Go to the Menu and hover on the “Programme Registration for Students” button
3. Find the program type (e.g. Days of Excellence, or Academicus)

4. Select the Semester/Region your child was nominated to attend (Note: You may need to scroll to see all the Regions/Semesters)
5. On the page you navigated to, select the Program your child was nominated to attend
6. Complete the Personal Details section
7. Agree to the Terms and Conditions
8. Complete the Payment section

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