• Gifted3 Program Brisbane

Gifted3 program for Gifted and Talented students.

These holiday workshops, designed for gifted and talented students, are exclusively and by invitation only.

This initiative offered by BRAINways, in partnership with Clayfield College, Brisbane Boys’ College (looking forward to welcome Somerville House soon) is providing gifted students with the choice they require in a large array of disciplines, from Creativity to Architecture, Probability, Chaos Theory and more

This extension opportunity is a stepping stone to participation in a Term 3 e-learning extension program and subsequent involvement in the Term 4 Quest Competition.

I learnt more here than I would at school for a year. – Alexander, yr 4

Keep doing these events. – Heath, yr 7

I really enjoyed the activities. – Ysabelle, yr 8

The staff were very friendly and welcoming. – Grace, yr 6

It was mind-blowing (in a good way), and I really enjoyed it. – Nicholas, yr 5

I loved this program. It was fun and enjoyable. I wish I could do this every day instead of school. –Abneo, yr 4

It feels like a holiday in heaven. When I’m older I’m going to be back at this uni – Alex, yr 3

It was epic and I really iked it. – Milton, yr 3

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