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Based on the most recent research on online learning for gifted students, BRAINways E-Learning provides flexible learning opportunities, allowing students to advance through content at their own pace. With an inquiry based structure, BRAINways E-Learning stimulates higher order thinking and critical thinking, giving students the chance to work with like-minded peers under the guidance of experts in their field of knowledge. A curriculum designed specifically for gifted students, BRAINways E-Learning aims to remove barriers of location and allow students to connect and collaborate across continents.


I enjoyed BRAINways a lot and it was fun. (Lauren, year 4)

I enjoyed it a lot and wish to come back again. (Astrid, year 5)

It was very fun! (Cooper, year 3)

The program rocked! (Taylah, year 4)

It was nice to learn something you don’t at school (Ella, year 4)

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