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Be Inspired is a unique opportunity to investigate further, to develop understanding, to create a product that meets the academic rigour, and to share it with an audience of peers and experts in the field in an area of passion.

Giving students a chance to formulate questions, refine their investigative, essay writing and presentation skills, and be provided with feedback from experts in the field, Be Inspired yields students the motivation to cultivate their interest and give depth and meaning to their exploration, and brings a new dimension to education.

Some feedback provided when we offered the program in 2015 is:

–  “Thank you for teaching me how to write an essay and research a topic that I was interested in.” (Brooke, year 6)
–  “I couldn’t have written my essay without [the teacher’s] help.” (Catherine, year 5)
–  “Do this again!” (Jonathan, year 4)
–  “It was excellent and I learnt a lot.” (Olivia, year 5)
–  “The online chat was helpful and efficient.” (Juliet, year 6)
–  “It was fun!” (Ria-Amelie, year 4)
–  “I think it was a great way to help kids learn more.” (Ruby, year 4)

What students enjoyed most:
–  “All of it.” (Ria-Amelie, year 4)
–  “Presenting at the end.” (Naomi, year 6)
–  “I enjoyed the research the most as I learnt a lot.” (Lily, year 6)
–  “The chat sessions because I learnt a lot from the teachers.” (Brooke, year 6)
–  “Listening to the other presentations.” (Catherine, year 5)
–  “Presenting my topic and getting a certificate.” (Jonathan, year 4)
–  “Researching my topic and presenting it.” (Olivia, year 5)
–  “I really liked listening to other students’ passions.” (Juliet, year 6)
–  “Presenting to an audience.” (Annabel, year 4)
–  “It’s weird, I felt really good when I didn’t win.  I felt Catherine deserved it more than me.”  (Ruby, year 4)

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